How to earn money on Fiverr - My Story

 On May 15th, I get a notification on fiverr,”Congrats! You’re now a Level Two Seller.” 

But my journey didn’t start like this, 

A Few years back I knew nothing about online earning,I just study and use my hostel wifi to watch youtube 6-7 hours a day.

Then One day I watched some youtube recommended videos about blogging ( you know those payment proof videos) and it got curious me.

From there I Used that free wifi to know more about Online earning rather than Punjabi music videos.

I got my first earning from “paid to click” and “survey” sites.It wasn’t that big but after all of this, I believed that online earning is possible. I found out that there is also something called freelancing where anyone can earn without investing money.

I Created my Fiverr Account same day, Add some gigs related to website design @ $5 by copy-paste,Two weeks no Order, I did not know anything about how to get orders. 

But still solving people queries regularly on Fiverr, I was eagerly waiting for my first sale. 

“Luckily” One person got convinced and ordered my service. I designed his website and got a 5-star rating.

My Fiverr journey had begun, I added more gigs and optimized them, now I started getting regular orders and one of my gigs got featured on Fiverr homepage with the help of that I reached level one on Fiverr (Minimum $400 required to reach Level One).

 But after three weeks of this success, orders getting less.I got to know that it may be possible that you will not get any orders for a long time.

But by this time I get to know the potential of Fiverr platform. So I invested more time to optimize and create new services. I chose one gig as my main gig and changed other gigs by doing research on top sellers. I increased my gig price again and added more bonus products. 

I started to send custom requests on Fiverr. 

 I started finding clients on social media and forums. 

Sent new gig offers to my past clients on Fiverr. between all of these, I got some warning from Fiverr, get reported by some fake clients. 

I faced some scam as “order received and immediately cancelled by pretending mistakenly ordered” from other sellers.

But whatever happened, you should never scold your customers.

Don’t fight with your buyer! Be professional about it, and try to talk the buyer down by offering a solution and using the skills you’ve learned to work things out.

Always try to tone down the buyers’ anger rather than making it worse by responding in kind. Always treat the buyer with dignity, and ask them politely if they can explain to you how they would like the outcome to be. 

Despite all the struggles, I love to work as freelancer, 

If someone messages me at 4 am in the morning, I wake up and start a conversation with them that’s why my response time remains very good all the time. I was about to reach $2000. 

and finally, On May 15th 2020, I get a notification on fiver, “Congrats! You’re now a Level Two Seller.” If you are new to the online field then freelancing is your best option, just keep upgrading yourself.

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